Web Hosting Packages

We like to keep things simple. So we offer fewer options than Starbucks.

We offer three sizes of hosting; small, regular and large. Short, Tall, and Grande. Bronze, Silver and Gold. Baby Bear, Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear. You get the idea.

Package 1: Entry-level

  • suitable for one-(wo)man-bands and individuals
  • Plenty of space and bandwidth for a small user
  • £4.39/month (£52.68 a year)

Package 2: Small

  • suitable for most people and small businesses
  • Plenty of space and bandwidth for an established and growing  user
  • £6.39/month (£76.68 a year)

Package 3: Standard

  • suitable for large businesses and video-heavy websites
  • An enormous amount of space and bandwidth for a power user
  • £10.99/month (£131.88 a year)

If you don’t know what size you need, start small and upgrade at any time. Give us a call and we can talk you through the options,

You can talk to us. 01303 320 023.